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Scientist, musician, poet, mother and beloved wife, Katherine passed peacefully and without pain December twelfth at about noon with her family around her.  The Sporting Gentry will take a short bereavement leave before returning.  Rest in Peace, my darling.  I hope to see you in Heaven.

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Other Fabrics: Dressing the Cyber-Squire, Pt 2

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Other Fabrics:  Dressing the Cyber-Squire, Pt 2

Other fabrics, you ask?  What can the sporting gentry possibly require beyond tweed?  Among Harris, Donegal and the famous mills of Great Britain, there are so many patterns and weights of tweed that only a cyberlord or a rock star could possibly own them all.  What use is there in discussing others?  This is a […]

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Shanks: Don’t Throw Them Away!

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Shanks:  Don’t Throw Them Away!

Shanks?  What about them?  Well the last time I was deer hunting in Texas I was appalled to see the guide skin and dress my deer and them cut off the shanks and almost throw them away.  Horrors!  It falls in the same level of sin as boning out the entire carcass and grinding the […]

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