Longthorne Guns: A New British Best

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British Best shotguns call to mind the finest in shooting traditions. What is often forgotten that among those traditions is a long history of technical innovation.  It may come as a shock to some but Purdy, Boss and Holland & Holland all employ the newest in computer controlled machinery.  This quickly brings their product to final finishing where and saves skilled hand work for where it is needed.  And so it is in that technical tradition that The Sporting Gentry is proud to introduce to North America the latest and most technically advanced British Best yet made.  From their Lancashire facility, Longthorne Guns is turning out an over and under gun that incorporates such innovative thinking that it has received nothing but the highest of praise from the British sporting press.

British Best, Not Just Refinement, Innovation!

Legally any gun is the receiver, the locks and action.  Barrels are, in the eyes of the law, something that hangs on the action just as does the stock.  At Longthorne, however, the heart of the matter is the barrels.  Unlike any other manufacturer Longthorne British Best guns have their barrels cut from a single billet of steel.  This includes the monobloc.  The result are barrels of unparalleled straightness that manage to shoot to the same point of impact with no ‘adjustment’ (bending).  And the point?  Less recoil and muzzle flip than any other double gun on the market.  What other manufacturers accomplish with multiple recoil absorption devices, Longthorne manages by precision machining accompanied by immaculate hand work, the best of both worlds.

I really regret that I am unable to publish their catalog on this site.  Believe me, I’ve tried to unlock and print it but to no avail.  So instead I offer you a gallery of fine, British Best over/under shotguns from Longthorne.  Anyone the United States be interested in ordering one, they need only contact me here.  The Sporting Gentry is a Federally licensed importer and I will be happy to arrange for your new, built-to-fit Longthorne game gun to be brought in and delivered to the nearest FFL dealer to you.

A Gallery of Longthornes:

Note:  All photographs were taken by Matthew Brown whose father Robin runs the esteemed firm of A. A. Brown gunmakers.

The Hesketh

The Hesketh Range of British Best

The Hesketh Range of British Best

Hesketh deluxe lockwork Hesketh double view

Hesketh top view Longthorne walnut


The Rutland range:

The Rutland British Best

The Rutland British Best

Rutland Stocks The first Rutland pair The Rutland


Rose and Scroll:

A British Best in Rose and Scroll engraving.

A British Best in Rose and Scroll engraving.

Rose and Scroll open Side and bottom view


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