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Class III: The Anchoring Rifle

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Class III:  The Anchoring Rifle

For the professional hunter who has to get his client and his staff out of really bad trouble right now and for the  tourist hunter who wears both a belt and suspenders because he leaves nothing to chance, a Class III rifle is the answer.  Generating between 5500 and 6500 ft. lbs of energy, these various […]

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A Gun for Africa, Chap. 3

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A Gun for Africa, Chap. 3

      Class II:  Entry Level Stopping Rifles Once smokeless powder had been developed, the British discovered that it allowed what had previously been a good deer gun to replace the fearsome eight and four gauge rifles that had heretofore been the adventuring sportsman’s choice de rigeuer.  It was John Rigby & Co. that just about […]

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Gun for Africa? Chap. 1

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Gun for Africa?  Chap. 1

A gun for Africa!  I remember, a couple of decades back, reading that the most common daydream of the American male wasn’t really a date with a supermodel; it was an African safari.  Does that sound fair to you?  I’m sure that the author of the original study included eco-tourists and photographers in the group […]

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