The Gentry’s Wardrobe

Clothes, it is said, make the man.  And in all fairness, they make the lady–however much her man might prefer her otherwise.  Mark Twain’s observation that naked people have little significance in society still holds true.  Therefore one must admit that country clothes go a long way toward making a countryman, even one whose only connection with hedgerows and Great Houses is solely in his mind.  However, we in the U.S. do have to distinguish between those country clothes we like to wear for their own sake and those country clothes we actually wear in the field.  I think it’s very much a matter of differing botanys.   Let’s face it, North America is renowned for spines, briars, cactus and all manner of vicious undergrowth waiting slyly in ambush to demolish a pair of fine tweeds.  So the Wardrobe will be a discussion of both.  How one goes about looking the part and what one wears in pursuit of the next meal will both be covered.  There might even, in time, be some signature items of our own.

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