The Snuggery: Our Forum

Snuggery?  The word is an archaic term for a comfortable room or house.  That’s what this is, a virtual comfortable room with deep, leather club chairs, a broad stone hearth with a warm fire, a self-serve bar in the corner and walls covered in books, trophies, art and everything else that makes a countryman from the Cyber-shire comfortable and relaxed.  Comfort and relaxation are the bywords here.  Sour attitudes on any subject will bring gentle chastisement.  Political rants of any stripe will get dropped into their appropriate box.  We’re here to talk about the things we like, not the ones that drive us crazy.  The world is too full of bad feeling as it is.

In order to join the discussion, just click on the subject heading.  When it comes up look to the right.  There you’ll see a button to start a new topic.   To join one, use the same procedure.  Come on down!

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