Tumblr: other counties in the Cyber-Shire

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Tumblr, for those who may not know, is a website of photos.  Here, anyone can post whatever they want and comment on it.  For the cyber-squire I really must recommend a few of my favorites.  If I’ve left any tumblr sites out that you recommend, do please send them to me in comments.  You might even start up a conversation in The Snuggery.

Tumblr and visions of how we’d all like to live.

Unlike Photobucket which is apparently a commercial publisher of vanity photos, Tumblr isn’t monitored much and doesn’t have any forbidden image rules.  That means that the sensitive may want to approach it gingerly.  However, the majority of the posters are simply sharing their favorite scenes and pictures with the occasional link and comment.  That’s why I really like some of the posters and consider them honorary cyber-squires.  For those confined to either little stucco box suburbia or niches on the concrete cliffs of urban jungles the vision of lush countryside and genteel living must bring a rush of longing for that which didn’t happen.  I’m going to show you some of my favorites and invite you to follow them.

Fields of Pheasants.

The poster fieldsofpheasants, like most of us, reposts shots that he finds most appealing.  Many of them you will find on others I’ll show here but he does have some that are unique to his own version of countryside living.  This one, for example, he labels his dream house.  Not, perhaps, everyone’s first choice but certainly within the realm of the cyber-shire.

fieldofpheasabnts' dream home.

fieldofpheasabnts’ dream home.

Gentleman Bobwhite.

Gentlemanbobwhite is fortunate in that he actually lives what the rest of us can only dream.  A working farmer on a southern plantation his pictures show the kind of easy, rural aristocratic style that others have to work at for years, if not generations to achieve.  Double guns, fine blooded horses, pointers and setters and occasional pretty girl make gentlemanbobwhite a delight.  And he’s a pleasant chap to correspond with to boot.


I love hammer guns, mule wagons and puppies

I love hammer guns, mule wagons and puppies




Sidekicks and Foxhounds.

As you might guess from the title, sidelocksandfoxhounds is based in the UK, or so I believe.  You like mansions, paneled dining rooms, driven game, hunting pinks and hounds?  This is the place.  I’m likely among the world’s worst horsemen and really prefer walking the birds up over dogs than pass shooting pheasant at altitude.  But this blog appeals to me because of the food, the countryside and the obvious lifestyle.  I’m sure I could get used to it.  It might take some effort but it would be worth it.  And he likes pretty girls, too, though most of them are wearing tweed and or riding breeches.


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